6 strategic placement funds collectively launch the “green shoes” escort for post-IPO listing for the first time

Source: Time Weekly Original Title: 6 “War Shoes” Funds Launched “Posters” Listed “Green Shoes” Escort Rarely!

Six publicly-raised strategic placement funds collectively shot for the first time.

  On December 1, China Postal Savings Bank (601658.

(SH) An announcement was made on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the list of eight strategic investors of the A-share IPO was announced.

  The size of the bank’s A-share IPO strategic investors can be described as luxurious. Among the eight strategic investors, not only the National Social Security Fund, but also the central SOE funds, 6 strategic placement funds in the market are participating.

  According to Time Weekly reporters, Huaxia, Jiashi, Huitianfu, Yifangda, China Merchants and 6 strategic placement funds in the south have participated in China People’s Insurance (601319, shares) (601319.

SH), China General Nuclear Power (003816, shares it) (003816.

(SH), but this is the first time that they have collectively launched a strategic investment, and they are all subscribed.

  ”Strategic placement funds generally participate in large state-owned enterprises, and the transitional IPO is also known as a unicorn fund. This collective shot may have something to do with the optimism of PBC and even bank shares.

“On December 3, a public fundraiser in South China told the Times reporter.

  In November, the banking sector as a whole fell by 1.

3%, a 13th drop in all industry sectors.

  Recently, the performance of bank stocks is generally unsatisfactory. Recently, the IPO released the “Green Shoe” mechanism under the IPO to protect it. After the IPO, what kind of trends will appear in the post IPO bank, which is quite expected by the outside world.

  The announcement of the first collective participation shows that the Bank ‘s A-share IPO strategic placement target includes a total of 8 strategic investors, and the total number of subscription shares accounts for about 40% of the share issued before the “Green Shoe” exercise, and is locked for only 12 months.period.

  The results of the placing show that 6 strategic placing funds have been allocated 18 shares.

900 million shares.

Follow 5.

Calculating the issue price of 5 yuan, a total of 10.4 billion yuan was used this time.

  This is the first time that six strategic placement funds have collectively shot, and Tingge has applied for strategic investment.

  On November 8 last year, four public placement funds including E Fund, Nanfang, China Merchants, and Huitianfu, which had been involved in strategic placements, had been allocated strategic investments by PICC; on August 14, this year, China Guangdong Nuclear Power also had five strategic placement funds that were placed.

  This time, the Bank’s strategic placement share, Yi Fangda’s three-year strategic placement has been the largest number, reaching 4.

6.1 billion shares, with an 杭州桑拿网 allocation amount of up to 25.

3.6 billion; China Merchants’ 3 year strategic placement was awarded 4.

2.5 billion shares, with an allocation of 23.

3.7 billion; South China, Huitianfu, and Huaxia’s strategic placement fund received more than 200 million shares, all of which exceeded 10 billion.

  The minimum number of Castrol 3 year strategic placements was 1.

7.7 billion shares, with an allocation amount of 9.

7.5 billion yuan.

  Since its establishment on July 5 last year, all six strategic placement funds have performed well.

Follow PICC’s strategic placement of investors.

Calculated at the cost of 34 yuan / share, the return on investment of the strategic placement investor will nearly double by December 2.

  According to the third quarterly report, the six strategic placement funds are dominated by solid income, and bond investment accounts for about 90%.

  In terms of investment performance, Wind data shows that as of December 2, 6 strategic placement funds have grown in average earnings for more than a year since their establishment last July.

6%; 6 funds return range is 5.

Between 5% -9%, and all gain positive returns.

  Its scale is also rising.

  As of the end of the third quarter, the total size of the six strategic placing funds was 1141.

7.6 billion, a proportion of nearly 10 billion US dollars in scale when the fund was established.  In addition, the potential strategic investors of the Postal Savings Bank are the National Social Security Fund’s one-to-three portfolios, and the Central Enterprise Poor Area Industrial Investment Fund Co., Ltd., the allocated shares are 0.

53 billion shares, 1.

2.4 billion shares, with an average lock-up period of 12 months.

  The former is funded by the central budget, domestic capital allocation, and fund investment income. In addition, it is led by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and initiated by the Ministry of Finance. Multinational central enterprises participate in the investment, invest in the development and utilization of resources in poor areas, industrial park construction, and new towns.Development.

  The successful signing rate was 3 years. The new postal savings bank issued a “green shoe” mechanism this time.

  ”Green shoes” means the stable timing of the market outlook 30 days after the issuance of new shares. If there is a “break” due to continuous market evolution, the underwriter resets the market to buy stocks and stabilize the secondary market price.

This is not the case with recently issued bank shares.

  ”Green Shoe” was named after it was originally used in the Boston Green Shoe Company’s stock issuance. It is somewhat common in the A-share market, and in Hong Kong and US stock markets, “Green Shoe” is the normal mechanism.

  In 2001, the “Experimental Opinions on Over-allotment Option Pilots” issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission already hinted that there are also relevant provisions in the “Administrative Measures for Securities Issuance and Underwriting”.The market looks forward to routine operations in the future.

  This is also the first IPO in nearly ten years, the fourth IPO in history dating to the “green shoe” mechanism.

  Zhongtai Securities stated that the Post Office released the “Green Shoe” mechanism. Within 30 days after the issuance of the new shares, if the issue price exceeds the issue price, there will be $ 4.3 billion in “Green Shoe” funds entering the market.

  For more than a full year, only three A-share IPOs have set up “green shoes”, which are the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (601398, shares) (601938).

SH), Agricultural Bank of China in 2010 (601288, shares it) (601288.

SH) Everbright Bank (601818, shares it) (601818.


  The “green shoes” set for the above three single IPOs were fully implemented within 30 months of listing.

  Recently, bank stocks have frequently broken, and some A-share investors have reduced their enthusiasm for new development.

  On the evening of November 28, the Post Bank’s online issuance subscription situation and the success rate announcement showed that the number of valid online subscription customers was 888.

20,000 households, the success rate of online investors after the call back is about 1.

26%, the highest record since the implementation of the credit purchase system in 2016.

  In the face of investor cuts in bank shares, Zhang Jinliang, chairman of the reorganized postal savings bank, said in an online roadshow that in the history of the stock, only three orders, such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China and Everbright Bank, dated “green shoes” during the issuance process.These three issuers performed well in the “green shoes” and expected to perform well, with an average expansion of more than 10%.