Can anti-blue glasses really prevent myopia in children?
Nowadays, various electronic products such as mobile phones, computers, PADs have become our daily necessities for daily learning and entertainment, and some young children have begun to come into contact with these electronic products early.”Staring at the electronic screen for a long time, what should my child do with myopia?”” Most parents do this quite censorship.In order to protect their children’s young eyes, many parents have begun to pay attention to various eye care products.Recently, a so-called “blue-proof, anti-radiation, and even anti-myopia” anti-blue light children’s glasses have been circulating in the parent circle.Can anti-blue light glasses achieve the effect of business promotion?In this connection, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily interviewed an ophthalmologist.  The phenomenon can prevent myopia from selling hot blue-proof glasses. “In this electronic digital age, the pollution of blue light has become a social norm. High-energy blue light can penetrate and cause damage to the yellow area at the end of the eyeball. This is the cause of myopia in children.”At present, a kind of anti-blue light glasses recognized as” anti-blue light, anti-radiation, anti-myopia “is popular in the parent circle.  ”I also listened to recommendations from others, saying that children between the ages of 2 and 12 can pass. No degree is to prevent the blue light of electronic products.Bao Ma Xiaofan spent 252 yuan a few days ago to pick up a pair of children’s protective glasses.”Use only when looking at electronic devices.It states that the blue light blocking rate is 25% and the ultraviolet blocking rate is 99.9%.Xiao Fan introduced.  The Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that a large number of businesses selling anti-blue light glasses said that “blue light is a common type of light that damages the eyes. It exists in computer monitors, fluorescent lights, mobile phones, digital products, displays, LEDs, etc.In the light.Blue light and ultraviolet light have the same lethality, both belong to high-energy light, but as long as a pair of anti-blue light glasses can easily deal with, not only can prevent blue light, ultraviolet light, but also radiation, protect the eyes, prevent the development of myopia.”Some businesses also believe that high-energy blue light can overlap, causing damage to the yellow area at the end of the eyeball, which is the main cause of myopia in children. It is particularly mentioned that” children less than 12 years of age are more likely to be damaged by UVA / UVB blue light and will appearEyes are dry, sore and blurred. “  There is no scientific basis for claiming that long-wave blue light is beneficial to the human body. “Block rate” Beiqing Daily reporters noted that the nominal block rate of anti-blue light glasses ranges from 25% to 80%.  The reporter from Beiqing Daily found that the darker the color of the glasses with constant blocking rate.Yes, the clerk Xiaoyang said that this is normal.Under normal circumstances, it is sufficient to equip with blue light-proof glasses with a 25% blocking rate. High-blocking glasses are only required when long-term use of electronic products with blue light damage is required.  Is Blu-ray really as harmful to the eyes as some businesses claim?How much axial protection can wear anti-blue light glasses?  Therefore, Xiao Lin, chief physician of ophthalmology and a pediatric ophthalmologist at Shijitan Hospital, Capital Medical University, explained that short-wave blue light is light with a relatively high energy between 400 and 480 nanometers.The blue light in this wavelength is expected to increase the amount of toxins in the macular region of the eye, which seriously threatens our fundus health.  However, she also suggested that blue light is not all harmful blue light. What is really harmful is blue light within 400 to 440 nanometers, and long wave blue light between 480 and 500 nanometers has a function of regulating biological rhythms. Sleep, mood, memory, etc.Related to this is beneficial to the human body.And whether the short-wave blue light will definitely cause damage to the human eye, which is related to the irradiation intensity and irradiation time. When the illumination reaches a certain level and lasts for more than two hours, it may cause damage to the retina.  Xiao Lin also said that many of the “blue light-resistant glasses” on the market clearly marked the barrier rate without scientific basis, “there is an exaggerated component inside.”  It is recommended that children should look at Xiaolin for at least 2 hours of outdoor sports every day. He also introduced that “anti-blue light glasses” can alleviate the visual fatigue caused by blue light, but how much can be offset, and what is the effect, which cannot be achieved temporarily in medicineClear answer.She further explained that the medical community has not yet renamed clear data on the “blue-proof glasses” in terms of data, and there is no redundant evidence to prove that “blue-proof glasses” can play a significant role in preventing and controlling myopia.  Which approach is effective in preventing myopia in children?As a result, Xiao Lin pointed out, “The occurrence of children’s myopia does not happen overnight. In this process, the children’s eye habits in learning and life are the direct cause, and continuous close eye use is the main cause of myopia.She suggested, “Protect your eyesight by adding and subtracting!”Increase children’s outdoor sports, reduce the use of eyes and indoor time, no less than 14 hours of outdoor sports per week, that is, at least 2 hours of outdoor sports every day, this can effectively prevent and control myopia, but also enhance children’s physique and improveImmunity.In addition, you should be more exposed to nature so that children’s developing eyes have a chance to look away.  News background Recently, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and ten departments jointly issued the “Ten Measures for the Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents in Beijing”, which clearly stated that students’ personal mobile phones, tablet computers and other electronic products are prohibited from being brought into the classroom, and those brought into the school must be kept in a unified storage.Teachers using electronic screens for teaching duration transitions must not exceed 30% of the total teaching duration.  It is also mentioned in the requirements for parents that parents should lead by example to guide children, especially preschool children, to use electronic products reasonably and appropriately. Children under 8 years old can play video games, and children must not use electronic screens for more thanhour.  Text / Our reporter Song 深圳养生会所 Xia co-ordination / Zhang Bin